NCLTL Fall Meeting

November 9, 2017
O.Henry Hotel
Caldwell Ballroom
624 Green Valley Road (near Friendly Center)

Greensboro, NC

$60 Non members
$50 Members

$50 Vendor Display Tables

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8:30 AM
Board of Governors Meeting
Palmer Room (Board, Officers & Invited Guests Only)

10:30 AM
Networking Session
(Vendor Displays will be set up.)

11:30 AM
Buffet Lunch
Blessing - Jerry Carter

12:15 PM
Call to Meeting & Salute to the Flag
President, Sherry Ennis
Welcoming Remarks
Chairman, Kevin Perry
League Updates
Executive Director, Buddy Holson
NCLTL Membership Update
Membership Chairman, Ellis Brotherton

12:30 PM

The topic will be the impact of the new ELD Rule within the transportation industry. With the ELD rule moving toward implementation on December 18.
  A legislative and regulatory wrap up can be found here.

Ellis Brotherton, MODERATOR
President, Tradewinds International Consulting

Clifton Parker
President & General Manager, G&P Trucking

Dennis Dellinger 
President, Cargo Transporters, Inc.
Rick Todd
South Carolina Trucking Association

If you are planning to stay in Greensboro NC on Wednesday night the League has special rates with O.Henry Hotel you can get a $229.00 room. (Reference: North Carolina League of Transportation & Logistics)
Reservation Number 1-336-854-2000


2017 Bert Bennett
Lifetime Achievement Scholarship

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ATA - American Trucking Associations ELD Update

ELD UPDATE – October 6, 2017 With the ELD rule moving toward implementation on December 18, we want to keep you up to date on the latest news and developments on Capitol Hill and within the Federal Agencies impacting this issue. Legislative:

On the legislative front, ATA has spearheaded efforts to push back against the efforts to delay implementation. During the House of Representatives consideration of the 8-bill appropriations package in early September, ATA – along with its state partners, coalition allies and Congressional champions – worked to secure the votes to defeat an ELD implementation delay amendment offered by Representative Brian Babin (R-TX). After the amendment was soundly defeated, ATA has pushed to educate Members of Congress and set the record straight, separating the facts from OOIDA’s fiction. Ultimately, the failed vote in the House is expected to stifle any momentum that had been gained in pursuit of a delay, particularly with respect to Rep. Babin’s standalone bill, H.R.3282, and other legislative report language requests. In the Senate, the message has been clear that there is no appetite to consider attempts to delay the December 18 implementation.

The Senate Appropriations Committee chose not to consider the issue, which has been affirmed by both Congress and the courts on many occasions, making clear their belief that implementation should and will move forward as planned. Nonetheless, over the coming two months, ATA will continue to work hand in glove with Congress to ensure the December 18 ELD implementation moves forward seamlessly, with the facts in hand, and without delay. Regulatory: On Monday, the Department of Transportation published in the federal register a request for public comment to on existing rules and agency actions that are good candidates for repeal, replacement, suspension, or modification. It is a routine activity typically conducted after a change in presidential administration to help the department prioritize its regulatory agenda for the coming years.

The Obama Administration issued a similar notice on February 28, 2011 which sought to “determine whether [regulations] are crafted effectively to solve current problems.” In fact, Monday’s notice used the exact same language. ATA has been anticipating this notice all year, and has convened several member committees and working groups to identify regulations that are great candidates for removal or adjustment. As some have noticed however, OOIDA is attempting to coopt this routine activity to draw attention to its opposition to ELDs. They’ve submitted a request for extension asking for an additional thirty days “given the number of regulatory rules and agency actions we believe should be addressed.” This request for extension has been followed by nearly 100 “comments,” most of which are, at best, unsubstantiated and, at worst, patently false, complaints about ELDs and Hours of Service more broadly. Simply put, OOIDA latched onto routine agency activity with their petition, trying to make it about ELDs, when it is not.

In addition to outlining our priorities for regulatory reform, ATA will be commenting in full support of an on-time implementation of the ELD rule. These comments will include a data driven defense of ELDs as well as a full recounting of the legislative, regulatory and judicial history of the ELD rulemaking. Many of you have indicated your intent to submit comments and we encourage all who are interested to show broad support for this common sense policy.

Comments can be submitted by using this link: and clicking on the “Comment Now!” Regardless of this exercise in the docket, we have been working with FMCSA, DOT, and the Administration to ensure they understand the history and support for the rule, the benefits of ELDs, and our partnership to help educate and coordinate education and implementation.


Buddy Holson
Executive Director


Peter M. Bradburn
Global Logistics Manager

Posted 10/21/2017

David Norkett
Tramsportation & Logistics Management
Posted 09/26/2017

Julian B. Hudnell
Marketing & Supply Chain Management
Student Graduating in 2018

Posted 09/28/2017


New Members

Courier Express
Greg Cross

Ted Hicks

Florida East Coast Railway
Janel Williams

Integra Logistics Services
Jerry Tackett

Progressive Rail
Gerre Goard

Red Classic Trans. Services
Chuck Everett
Erica Davis

Shalag Nonwoven
Lance Tabor
Rodney Clayton

Syfan Logistics
Tre' Anderson
Posted 06-26-2017


Bill H. Teague
Lifetime Achievement Award

Bill H. Teague Biography
Recipients Archive




Fall Meeting & Luncheon O.Henry Hotel
Greensboro NC
November 9, 2017
Spring Meeting & Luncheon Speedway Club, Concord NC March 15, 2018
2018 Annual conference Hilton Kingston Plantation, Myrtle Beach, SC June 14-16, 2018
Scholarship Golf Outing Rock Barn Country Club, Rock Barn, NC September, 2018

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