Thursday, March 17, 2022
Speedway Club
Charlotte Motor Speedway

Concord, NC
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$50 Members
$75 Nonmembers
$100 Display Tables
Buddy Holson 828-455-7970
Three lucky attendees will get to ride around on the Charlotte Motor Speedway Racetrack. Banking around the turns is a great experience you will never forget.
9:00 AM
Board of Governors Meeting
Conference Room Speedway Club
Board, Officers and Invited Guests Only
10:30 AM
Networking Session
Vendor Displays will be set up - Cost $100.00
11:30 AM
Buffet Lunch
Blessing, Mark Andrews
12:15 PM
Call to Meeting & Salute to the Flag
President, Dana Hall
Welcoming Remarks
Chairperson, Sherry Ennis
League Updates
Executive Director, Buddy Holson
NCLTL Membership Update
Membership Chairman, Kevin Perry
12:30 PM
Ron Hetrick
Guest Speaker
"The Demographic Drought:
How a lack of people will change how we look at labor Description"
Ron Hetrick is a leading labor economist.
Ron is passionate about educating companies concerning the labor world that surrounds them.
He previously worked as the Chief Advising Economist for the largest staffing company in the U.S. guiding the company into new markets and exposing risks and potential downturns before joining his current company, Emsi, where he serves as the product director for all staffing products and data.
Ron has published and presented economic and corporate data findings to large companies, trade associations and local governments. He has worked extensively as a consultant for both external and internal clients on data analysis.
Among his accomplishments are his development of a best-in-class contingent pricing consulting practice. designing the contingent rate cards of 11 F100 companies and 40+ other companies in the F500. He has also developed a rate guidance tool that resulted in the highest internal ROI product in his previous company's history. He has been quoted by NBC, CNN, USA Public Radio, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and numerous other national news agencies. Hetrick has provided analysis for prior Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, The Council of Economic Advisors to the President, Congress and numerous Fortune 100 companies and trade associations.
The US is suffering the beginning stages of a sansdemic: a lack of people to do all the work that needs to be done. Between 2011 and 2021, nearly every county in the US saw declines in its working-age population.

The 2020 census shows that 16 states saw net population decline over the past years—the worst numbers since the Great Depression. Employers and higher education are already feeling the pain but the people shortage is only projected to get worse. So how did we get here? What are the economic ramifications? And is there anything we can do about it?
As lead author of The Demographic Drought, Hetrick answers these questions by analyzing past, present, and future workforces. From baby boomers to millennials to the 2020 Baby Bust, we track the rise and fall of America’s population and labor force participation rate. We also outline how employers and higher education institutions can survive the sansdemic when it hits in force.
Buddy Holson
Executive Director
North Carolina League of Transportation and Logistics

New Members

Randy Cose
Landstar Transportation Logistic’s

Mike Jordan
Sherwin Williams

Brigette Myers
U.S. Xpress, Inc.

Rhonda Mapp
Mapp Enterprice

DeOnn Gant
Mapp Enterprice

Larry Cryan
Samson Marketing

Barry Bailey
Fairfield Chair

Jerry Tackett
Integra Logistics Services

Curtis Garrett
Recon Logistics

Stephen O’Connell
SOS Global Express

Donna Lambert
Geiger Furniture

Scott Prillaman
Hooker Furnishing

Pamela Day
Trucking Trainer, Inc.

Doug Jermyn
Theodore Alexander USA, Inc.









Bill H. Teague
Lifetime Achievement Award
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